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Get a chance to win: INR 40,000 worth of Gold

Because fine gold is quite soft, it is usually not used in jewellery production. However, it can be used for industrial purposes and is commonly used for gold bars, gold coins, and gold rounds. Those who prefer to invest in gold should pay attention to the fineness of bullion.Fine gold is graded by using a scale of millesimal fineness, which is rounded to a thousandth in the decimal. 99.9%, 999, or .999 are all equivalent labeling of a fine gold item.

Men Pocket Perfume

Price INR 500.00

Pocket Perfume are the new rage for man.This pocket perfumes are not difficult to use and are the most helpful item that one can carry in a pocket anywhere and anyplace.The musk stacked and woody fragrances are best appropirate for day and evening has an extremly unique scent for man in a hurry for parties and different occasions,where you might want to be consideration,this pocket perfume is exceptional and reasonable.This comprehensive effort even extends to Euro perfumes warehouse, which guarantees a 48-hour turnaround time with each order.